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The future of mobile payments is here. WeChatPay /AliPay is China's social media platform of choice. With 800m+ users globally it is more than a social app; WeChatPay /AliPay is a complete ecosystem, bringing social, content and commerce together in one tight bundle.

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WeChatPay /AliPay

Merchant service and system for consumer mobile wallet payment

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WeChatPay /AliPay Official Account

Full service approach to the application, provision and content for WeChatPay /AliPay OA

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WeChatPay /AliPay eCommerce Store

A popular and trusted in app store set up for you business. POS transactions are convenient, quick and user friendly for your business and your customer.

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WeChatPay /AliPay Advertising

Targeted Advertising setup and management. Engage with customers to generate awareness and user experience through targeted relevant content


WeChatPay /AliPay and it’s Users

The phenomenal growth can be understood when we look at the functionality from chat, video, sharing, gaming, search, e-commerce and wallet functions. There really is no need for a user to leave their WeChatPay /AliPay ecosystem, download other apps or use old-fashioned credit cards.

Since its Release in January 2011, WeChatPay /AliPay now has:

  • 1.1 Billion accounts
  • 938 Million active monthly users
  • 69% of internet users in China use WeChatPay /AliPay
  • 83% of Users purchase products online
  • 750+ Million payment transactions per day
  • 3 Billion webpages shared daily on WeChatPay /AliPay

Mobile Wallet

Not only do users feel safe with the proven protocols and features in place but as a Merchant you’ll have more comfort than you do with traditional card payments despite industry efforts such as PCI compliance. Inherently mobile wallets are more secure and convenient for both parties in a transaction.

  • 6 Digit Personal Security Pin for every transaction (over and above phone lock security)
  • 60 sec refresh rate on every QR Code presented at POS
  • POS and Online transaction refund process
  • Low fees and 24-hour remittance in your local curreny
  • Merchant Portal Login for payment reconcillations and refunds
  • Controlled and secure ‘closed looped’ payment system

POS Transactions

Drive your over-the-counter transactions with WeChatPay /AliPay Users. Cross Selling and Up Selling becomes easier when the environment is known and trusted by the user.

  • Chinese don’t tend to spend with Visa or Mastercards
  • China UnionPay is a basic card transaction – no wider marketing ecosystem exists for Merchants
  • QR Code Scanner and Merchant ID is all you need to get started
  • POS system integration solutions available
  • Attract customers into you store with Shake Shake iBeacon marketing from outside

Official Account

WeChatPay /AliPay Official Accounts are public accounts managed by brands, organisations, services and celebrities. Creating an Official Account for your business, will allow you to connect, engage and transact with your audience in a closed, one-to-one environment. Gain WePay Merchant Status as soon as your Official Service Account is registered through our service.

  • Philippines registered accounts visible to China
  • Support staff to on-board your business quickly
  • Advanced API’s for Apps integration if required

We Commerce

Selling directly to the second largest consumer market in the world just got easier. Designed with the WeChatPay /AliPay in mind, it allows your customers to share your products and coupons across the biggest social network in China. Allowing your followers to securely purchase trusted products directly from your Official Account!


Full API support for e-commerce platforms

Add WePay as a payment method option to your on-line booking or shopping site. Payments is the glue – now start a relationship with your customer before they arrive or before they experience your service or attraction.

  • Efficient SDK’s for API Calls in all major developer languages
  • Numerous Shopping Cart plugins available
  • Local and China staff support to on-board your site
  • Professional Services available on request

Introducing the Secure Payment Gateway

Reasons why you should provide this service for on-line and POS


Convenient & Trusted

Already over 400 million users trust their WeChatPay /AliPay wallet to pay for food, clothing, travel, entertainment and utilities.


Chinese Outbound Tourism

As the Chinese middle class grows so does the appetite for overseas holidays and commerce. Make it easier for them to shop conveniently !

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